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We are one of the nation’s top Residential & Commercial Integration & Security firms, specializing in high-design and high-difficulty projects. Our clients are discerning homeowners, architects, builders, designers, and business owners who appreciate our exceptional industry expertise and innovative technology and lifestyle solutions. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and design-focused, with a strong attention to detail, and we deliver intelligent and easy to use systems that enhance your life through technology.

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There are many things that we strive to achieve with our systems (great performance, beautiful aesthetics, etc.), but the primary focus is always to design systems that are simple to understand and easy to use. None of the rest matters if these two essential elements aren’t achieved. From the first meeting to the system commissioning and beyond, we tailor our designs in a bespoke fashion to you and your project, personalizing them as we go for the perfect fit. Unlike other firms, we are a true full-service custom integrator in every sense, with no two systems ever the same. From smart lighting design, climate and shade control, distributing video and audio throughout entire properties, developing robust WiFi networks, and integrating cameras, sensors, and door locks to deliver intelligent peace of mind, our solutions are designed to integrate exceptional design with the very best of smart home & business technology.

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We like to say, “smart devices don’t make smart homes; smart people do”. This has never been truer than in today’s market where new technology comes out every day, and much of this new technology isn't fully developed yet or doesn’t play well with other hardware and systems. Our team of experts are the best in the business, spending countless hours on research and development and rigorously testing new hardware to make sure the systems we design and the products we select integrate perfectly and become more than the sum of their parts.  We continue this with great execution, coordinating all aspects of the project from start to finish and thoughtfully collaborating with other trade partners, to provide a final product that is second to none.

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Because of our experience and the quality of our installation & integration, we have the unique luxury of being a dealer for all the best brands in the industry.  This allows us to curate the very best products and design using the best-in-class solutions in each category. Ease of use and reliability are a huge part of the selection process, as are aesthetic, performance, and value.  This allows us to deliver systems that are fun to use, look amazing, and perform beyond all expectations.

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